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Thanks for stopping by my MinimizeWeight.com portal. My name is Dada. I am excited to have you here!

My Story

Empathy for educationally challenged children whose educational abilities are far lower than their chronological ages made me put away my fancy degrees and get enrolled in a Special Ed. credentialing program.

After five years of teaching Special Ed. kids, I found the four walls of a brick and mortar classroom a little too stifling for my creative abilities and decided on Online Marketing.

I know the question you are itching to ask me right away is ” Why weight loss? ” I will answer that question in a minute but first let me say, it is not by accident that I decided on this niche but as a result of a personal experience I had taking care of a loved one- my wife.

You see, I got lucky in my choice of marriage partner and was able to sweep my high school sweetheart off her feet. At one of the school parties, I popped the question, ” Will you marry me? ” She was stunned and looked at me in utter disbelief.

So Why Weight Loss?

Fast forward it 5 years after, we were both husband and wife. The first few years were blissful. We were young, slim and athletic. I taught my wife to play tennis and most weekends, we would drive to our old school to play tennis with our old school teacher, Father Mackle. It was a fairy tale wedding

Then I noticed something: my wife had started putting on a large amount of weight. The more we tried to bring down the weight, the more she gained. It was as if we were fighting an unending battle. Let me ask you a question:Have you ever been in that type of situation where the more you struggle to right it, the worse it gets and how heart-rending it can be. That was the situation we found ourselves. I was devastated especially when my wife could not do those little things like tying her shoe lace herself, playing with children outside and playing tennis with me.

Empathy for my wife drove me to spend long arduous hours on the internet trying to find some product or something that will help reduce her weight. I scoured documents from countless libraries for answer. I became a one-man research team, participated in some trials and errors and after some time, succeeded in bringing her weight within manageable proportions.

I came away with a lot of knowledge gleaned through practical experience of working with my wife on how to reduce weight.

My Goal at MinimizeWeight.com

1) MinimizeWeight.com is designed to be a one-stop shop for weight loss products. It will display an array of products at competitive prices for people seeking to lose weight.

2) Each product will be backed by candid review that will help you make your choice of product to buy.

3) I hope to leverage theĀ  knowledge I gathered working with my wife to help leapfrog your weight loss process

4) While I agree that weight loss products are not ” one size fits all,” I guarantee that this site will display a variety of products that will enable you pick one that is just right for you.

So once again, welcome to MinimizeWeight.com! (more…)

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