The Mediterranean Diet- What Health Benefits?

Mediterranean diet is the food of people who live in this region of the world principally in Italy and Greece. It is called the blue zone and it coincides with an area of the world where people experience the highest rate of longevity

The Mediterranean diet is a plant-based eating plan which lays importance on a variety of fruits and vegetables, legumes, nuts,all grains and seeds

There is an emphasis on wholesome foods instead of packaged and highly processed foods

What are the components of a Mediterranean diet?

Seafood chicken and other white meat are included in a typical Mediterranean diet but unlike other diets this sort of meat plays second fiddle to the plants

People living in this area have easy access to such seafood as salmon, mackerel, sardines, blue and albacore tuna. Sea foods are used to give some variety to the plant-based diet. They allow a few servings of this animal protein

Some fishes are known to be a rich source of omega-3 fatty acids. This is a fat which is essential for the functioning of the body and can significantly improve one’s quality of life. The body cannot produce this fat on its own and its only source is through these fishes.

Olive oil

It plays a prominent part as a primary cooking fat in a Mediterranean diet. It has Antioxidant properties and mono unsaturated fats


it is a staple of Mediterranean diet. It plays an essential role in all of Mediterranean cuisine because of its health and medicinal benefits

Red wine

In the Mediterranean diet, wine drinking is a customary aspect of the meal. It is a common practice to have wine with your meal just as it is normal to drink water with your meal in other diets

Plenty of condiments

Mediterranean diet contains such condiments as crushed red pepper, French onions, thyme, spicy Italian sun-dried tomato, and Sicilian blend

How does Mediterranean diet stack up to other diets?

The Mediterranean diet stands head and shoulder over the other diets. Four times in a row, the Mediterranean diet has been voted the best overall diet by the online news magazine, US news and World Report. That to my mind is a fitting attestation to the high quality of Mediterranean diet by a reputable newspaper

The Mediterranean diet unlike keto and Paleo is non-restrictive. Keto diet is more restrictive than Paleo in its aggressive opposition to the presence of carbohydrates. The meal choices are limited and so its members find it difficult to stay on the diet for a long time

The Mediterranean diet is a flexible diet and has the capacity to bend over backwards to keep its members for a lifetime.

Bennie Taub Dix Author of “Read it before you eat – Taking you from Label to Table” has this to say about the Mediterranean diet, “ It is really a diet that does not restrict you. There is no allow and avoid list, instead, some foods are simply emphasized more than others

What are the health benefits of Mediterranean diet?

The health benefits of Mediterranean diet are legion. It uses olive oil as its primary source of fats. Olive oil contains antioxidants which lower the risk of heart disease. Statistics have shown that countries such as Greece and Italy have low levels of heart disease compared to western countries which have exceedingly high rates of such diseases

Olive oils in meals have been shown not only to help in reducing the rates of heart diseases but also in reducing inflammation because it is rich in compounds such as phenols and monounsaturated fat

. Taken in moderation, red wine has been known to be good for the heart. The Mediterranean diet prescription of two glasses of wine for men at a meal and one glass of wine for ladies meets the threshold

The use of garlic as an essential ingredient has both health and medical benefits on its practitioners. It helps to improve the immunity and reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases

Unlike keto which is high fat and low carbohydrate and Paleo which is high protein and moderate carbohydrate. The Mediterranean diet does not directly prescribe weight loss as one of the benefits to be derived from Mediterranean diet. What it does is to make you satiated all day and that makes you eat less and so you lose some weight in the process

Mediterranean diet’s emphasis on seafood chicken and poultry is healthy for its practitioners. Research has shown that reducing the amount of red meat and processed meat a practitioner consumes can lower heart disease and cancer

Mediterranean diet has been shown to prevent Alzheimer’s disease, macular degeneration and cancer

It has been shown to reduce blood pressure, improve cholesterol levels and cardiac outcomes

Sticking to the Mediterranean diet of fish, healthy fats, and unprocessed grains can lead to longevity


Unlike keto and Paleo diets, the Mediterranean diet is a way of life that includes an array of vegetables, fish, virgin oil, legumes, nuts, whole grain and fruits coupled with a lifestyle which is conducive to healthy living and allows for longevity

It has earned the distinction of keeping its practitioners for life because of its flexibility. It even allows you to incorporate Mediterranean style into your diet by eating more fruits and vegetables, whole-grain’s seafood healthy fats, some diary, and a reduction of red meat


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