7 Easy Ways to Lose Weight without the Drudgery of Exercise

Let me ask you a quick question. Are you or your loved ones having an issue with weight?

It could be a little or it could be a lot.

You say, how do I know? I will show you how you know in a moment.

Has weight been an obstacle to your living out your everyday life?

Have you found yourself panting when attempting to put on your socks or wear your shoes?

Has pottering around the backyard with your kids become a chore?

Honestly, when was the last time you took a walk around the house without losing your breath?

If you answer yes to any one of these posers, you could be a candidate for weight reduction or minimization

But you know what? You are not alone. There are hundreds of thousands of people just like you who would like to reduce their weight so they can live life on their own terms. .

This set of people engage in all sorts of activities to ensure they achieve their desired weight. They walk, they run, they bike and some of them even fast to no avail.

Some have taken out expensive gym memberships; others add pricey fitness coaching fees to their already tight budget.

What if I tell you that you do not have to do any of these things to lose  weight. You do not have to take out an expensive gym membership, you do not have to add a fitness coach to your gym membership just to minimize your weight. Never. Except you want to, of course.

What if I go a step further and show you seven cool things you can consistently do that will bring you such amazing results.

Here are 7 simple ways to lose weight without leaving the comfort of your home or having an exercise regimen:

Reduce the size of your plate

It’s just as simple as that; if we reduce the size of our plates, we will reduce the amount of food we eat ( portions ) and that will in effect help to minimize our weight.


The American journal of Clinical Nutrition found out that people who were served a bigger portion consumed more calories than when they were served a smaller portion of same food.

This research also reveals that large plates encourage people to eat more. We tend to pay little or no attention to how much we eat because of the quantity of food on the plate.

Let us use small plates and cups in our dining. If we have to use big plates, then we should make sure we have friends at hand to share the large portion with us.

Drink more water

Yes! You read right. Drink more aqua! Drinking water helps boost your metabolism and cleanse your body of waste. Water also acts as an appetite suppressant. If you drink it before meals it makes you fuller and reduces the amount of food you eat.

Drinking more water helps your body stop retaining water and helps you drop those extra pounds of water weight.

We need a minimum of eight 10oz glasses of water per day. If you engage in an activity that makes you sweat a lot, say you  exercise in a gym, you might just need to drink more water than the prescribed amount to replace the water loss

WebMD, the Health Resource website states that drinking water before meals results in an average reduction in intake of 75 calories per meal.

Drinking water before just one meal every day would cause you to lose 8 pounds per year just from drinking water alone.

  You may wish to flavor your glass of water with lemon. Lemon comes with pectin which helps in curtailing your food cravings.

3 Get quality Shut-Eye!

I know that’s a tall order for some of us! What with all the latest apps and games that keep us awake until the wee hours of the morning

You might not know it but there is an intrinsic relationship between the number of hours you sleep and your overall well being.

A study in American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that when people have had little sleep, they have a tendency to indulge in snacking on high carb snacks

The conclusion from this research findings is that if for some reason, we do not have enough sleep every night, our metabolism will be affected and this can lead to an increase in weight.

Eat slowly

Eating slowly can reduce your calorie intake and lead to weight minimization over time.

The result of a study which examined 529 men over 8 year period, found out that those who ate ‘fast’ gained more than twice as much weight as the ‘slow’ or ‘medium’ eaters

Eating slowly not only allows us to enjoy our food ;it also helps improve our digestion

Spice it UP!

Do you know that eating  spicy food can boost your metabolism by up to 8% and some meals containing chili or black pepper can even push it up by 23%?

Yet we shy away from spicy foods because of that fiery kick of flavor that sends a burning sensation through our tongues

Spicy foods like Cayenne pepper contains capsaicin, a compound that works both ways: it boosts metabolism and reduces appetite slightly.

You can start small introducing a little spice into your meal and gradually increase the quantity as your body builds a tolerance for spicy foods.

So spice up your meals with some red pepper, habaneros, hot sauce or even ginger.

Add Eggs to your plate!

At 20 cents or less a serving, adding eggs to your meal for a high quality protein diet is quite a steal!

A study in 30 healthy and fat men compared the effects of 3 types of breakfasts on 3 separate occasions. These were eggs on toast, cereal with milk and toast and croissant with orange juice

The egg breakfast caused significantly greater satisfaction, less hunger and a lower desire to eat than the other two breakfasts.

Furthermore, eating eggs for breakfast caused the men to automatically eat about 270-470 calories less at lunch and dinner buffets compared to eating the other breakfasts.

Brush your teeth after Meals!

The act of brushing your teeth leaves your mouth squeaky clean. That taste of minty toothpaste in your mouth will make you hesitate




when the thought of a quick snack flashes through your mind. You would hesitate and feel reluctant eating something that will mess up your mouth right after you have just finished brushing your teeth!

Brushing your teeth after meals would have a deterrent effect on your snacking habit.



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