Goli- Is Goli a convenient way to Weight Loss and Wellness?


Goli is an Apple Cider Vinegar supplement packed in a gummy and laced with a fruity taste. For many years,its ACV liquid antecedent has been touted on the Dr Oz show as effective for weight loss. Its only drawback was its yucky taste which   kept many away from patronising it.

What the manufacturers of Goli have done is give the bottled Apple Cider Vinegar a complete make-over. They replaced the unpleasant taste of liquid ACV with a great one, made it handy in a gummy format and more attractive to consumers

Product Specs

Goli is made in the USA out of real apples, beetroot and pomegranate and packed with vitamin B12 and B9.

The manufacturers of Goli list it as vegan,  organic, non GMO, gluten free and gelatin free Apple cider and an easy way to incorportate Apple, Cider, Vinegar into our daily routine.

They credit it with the ability to relieve digestion disorders, energize and detoxify the body making the skin clearer.

Out of 2,140 buyers of the product only 7% had something negative to say about Goli netting it a 4.7 star rating.


  • Great Taste
  • Aids Digestion
  • Curbs Appetite so you eat less
  • Helps with Acid Reflux
  • Stops stomach Bloating
  • Helps Kidney function
  • Stops Hot flashes
  • Excellent Customer servicePartnership with Vitamin Angels:  Every purchase you make provides a child in need with a 6-month dose of vitamins


  • Pricey
  • Contains 16 grams of carbs as any other Chocolate bar
  • Contains Folic acid which is harmful to MTHFR mutation gene
  • Possible erosion of Tooth enamel
  • Throat burns
  • Not Economical- A bottle would last only 2 days if you stick to the recommended 1 daily tablespoon of ACV.
  • Low Potassium levels and possible Bone Loss especially for the elderly

  Price Regimen

Goli sells for $19 per bottle. It has a 3-pack bundle that sells for $57 for a pack of 3. While the $19 per bottle is the most popular buy, it does not offer free shipping. The 3-bottle pack does not give a reduction in price as an incentive to buyers but offers free shipping as an incentive. A monthly order of the one bottle order gives a slight percentage reduction in price.

They can be purchased from Amazon Online and will be conveniently shipped to your mailing address.

Alternatives to Goli

The alternatives to Goli are Organic Apple Cider Vinegar which sells for $24.99 and is rendered in capsules and pill format. It has a black cherry flavor unlike Goli which is gummy and has a fruity taste.

Apple Cider Capsules with Mother 1600 mg- 120 Vegan is another alternative to Goli. It retails for slightly less than Goli at $15.99

My Take on Goli

I find Goli’s partnership with Vitamin Angels to provide a child in need with a 6-month dose of vitamins laudable and a great exercise of its social responsibility to its community. I sincerely hope other manufacturers who have not embraced this concept will follow suit.

I have to say that I have not found the taste of Goli as pleasant as most users have found it. Could it be my taste buds? It is not exactly repulsive as its liquid alternative but it is not the most pleasant of tastes to me.

As a Swiss army knife of Wellness and Weight loss that the manufacturers claim it to be, Goli has been effective in stopping my stomach bloating, aiding my digestion and curbing my appetite.

Goli’s claim as a weight loss supplement however is specious at best. When I started it last month, I was 193lbs. When I checked my weight during the process of this writing, I was 193.5lbs.

There could be one or two reasons for this. One, I have restricted myself to the prescribed dosage of 4-6 gummies a day. Two, I defaulted a couple of times in taking the gummies even as prescribed. Or maybe I have not used it long enough to be able to make that judgment call.

Having made these admissions, I believe for Goli to be effective as a weight loss supplement, a user has to go beyond the official prescription as contained on the bottle.

Let’s look at the math. Each gummy contains 500 mg, ACV. 500mg equals ½ of a millilitre. 15-30 ACV a day is recommended for Weight loss. It would take a total of 30 gummies a day to get 15 ml of ACV! At that rate a bottle of 60 gummies would last for only 2 days!

Besides the cost implications, it constitutes a health hazard to consume such a large number of gummies in a day. It has the potential to combine with other nutrients and result in toxicity which is harmful to our bodies.

The price is another sore point I have with this product. I am of the opinion that it is overpriced. If the manufacturers could back down a little on pricing, it would allow users to buy more bottles. At the current price, users would have to shell out as much as $300  a month to be able to get a tablespoon of ACV a day, a recommended minimum daily intake for effective weight loss!

Shorn of these two drawbacks, Goli is a great product that does most of the things it has set out to do and resonates well with its users. My wife and son are devotees of this product. They order it in cartons.






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